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What's new in the latest [ II ] Jurassic map?

Hunter Unique Units: Player 3 now has the ability to use a villager as one of his own units. This has never been done before in [ II ] Jurassic. Introducing the 'Dino Trainer'. The Dino trainer was created to give the hunter the option to create palisade walls and/or outposts around the map. When player 2 decides to hunt with player 3 as a teammate, he get's a super strong Huskarl which is known as the [ II ] Jurassic Security. This should change the game a bit and make it a lot more fun!

EL3V3N's Workshop: An all new [ II ] Jurassic store has been added since the 2K15 2-0 version has been released which introduces the option to buy Tower AP/HP, Heroes, (1) Extra Villager or even a Pet Raptor! To use this option you much accumulate enough gold to make your purchase. Once you have enough gold, simply king located in the shop to buy it. Kings in the shop spawn every 15 minutes until the last half hour of the game. You can also purchase an Extra King from the shop. The shop closes 10 minutes before the game ends and all kings are removed. Do not lose the King that you start off with next to you villagers or else you will lose the option to make purchases at the shop. Enjoy!

She Demons: Around 5 minutes into game-play two She Demons will spawn outside the hunter's base before the rocks are actually removed and the dinos are released from their base. This gives the hunter a better chance of locating bases early and provides the prey with more anxiety as they rush to build more walls as fast as they can. Not to mention eliminates some of the waiting the hunter has to sit through.

Special Units: There are special units located around the map. Interact with them and see what happens.

2 Hunters: Player 2 now has the option to team up with Player 3 and be hunter. At the beginning of the game. The host must move the king inside the correct torches that has a relic labeled "2 Hunters". If two hunters are selected at the beginning of the game, each hunter (P2 & P3) will recieve their own units (Raptor, T-Rex, Spider, Dragon, Spider or Ships). Yes you guessed it, on 2 Hunter Mode there are 2 Dragons and 2 Ships each (If selected).
(Make sure P2 & P3 are both on the same team before you launch the game.)

Hunting Units: The Hunter(s) start with a king and have the ability to choose whether they wish to use Spiders or the new hunting units ( "God of The Reptiles" [Elite Turtle Ship] & "Guardian of The Reptiles" [Elite Longboat] ). Choose wisely, you may only have Spider units or Water units.
(Longboats spawn around 30 mins into gameplay & Turtle Ships spawn 1 hour and 30 mins into gameplay.)

Mini-Store: Introducing the first ever mini-store in [ II ] Jurassic. It's small, but packs a punch. Every player (Prey) has the choice to sacrifice one of their villagers for a king at the mini-store. The mini-store includes a choice of +100 AP for ALL towers or +10,000 HP for all towers. This will only effect the player who uses their king to make the purchase and will only work once. So save your king until you are ready to use it. The mini-store will not be open the entire game, but don't worry. When it's close to closing time you will see a message displayed on your screen.

Dino Towers: The Hunter has two very strong towers protecting the main entrance to the den. Try not to get too close. You might not make it out alive.

Prey Booter: The host has the option to boot a player if he/she is cheating or intentionally ruining and effecting the game-play of others. The booter has been redesigned so that the prey and/or hunter cannot interfere with the booter and cause players to be wrongfully booted. To boot a player the host must move the [ II ] Executioner unit inside the colored torches of the player he/she wishes to boot. Before the game is over the [ II ] Executioner unit will be removed so Player 1 cannot cheat and declare victory by default.

Transport Ships: All of the prey's transport ships now lose HP at a faster pace making it much harder for the prey to escape and survive out in open water. This effect will eliminate the problem the hunter has when the game is close to ending and the prey sits far from the shore with the hunter unable to reach the boat.

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